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Integra Realty Resources, Inc. provides world-class commercial real estate valuation, counseling, and advisory services. Routinely ranked among leading property valuation and consulting firms, they are now the largest firm in the United States, with 63 local offices coast to coast.

When Integra Realty Resources, Inc. purchased a database of nearly all the storage facilities in the United States they came to Olsen Consultants to get it online for them. Valuing storage facilities does not involve the exact same data points as other commercial properties, so a custom designed system outside of their normal software was required.

Today Integra Realty Resources is the premier destination for valuation of storage properties.

Features designed and implemented by Olsen Consultants

  • Powerful Search Features - When Integra staff are looking to query nearby storage properties they need to filter by distance, MSA, City, County, Recent Sale Date, Rental Surveys or any combination above. Olsen Consultants designed a powerful and flexible search interface that is quick and effective.
  • Rapid Data Entry Screens - Before the database was taken online Integra staff were using excel to enter data. Few programs can beat excel for rapid data entry and achieving such functionality with a web interface can be very difficult. Using advanced javascript methods and a clever UI design, Olsen Consultants created entry screens that enabled Integra staff to enter data almost as quickly as they can in Excel.
  • Multi Property Report Generation - Prior to the online database users had to query and pull reports individually for each property. After analyzing the processes of Integra Staff, Olsen Consultants designed an interface where users could query the data with a minimum steps and generate all of the reports required with one click.

  • Client:Integra Realty Resources, Inc.


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