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In August of 2008 amid the chaos of the mortgage industry collapse, CENTEX Homes decided to shutter their mortgage arm, CTX Mortgage. An EVP in charge of a specialized marketing department and his assistant decided to make the most this negative situation. They would take their life savings and their top 2 employees from their department of over 25 staff members and start up a marketing firm for the entire mortgage industry. Their first call was to Olsen Consultants who had done the first and second versions of their website starting back in 1999.

They wanted to go live by October 1, 2008. Olsen Consultants quickly architected a schema for the database, designed an interface and launched the first version of their new site. Over the next 5 years Olsen Consultants converted the business objectives of the principles into a robust and feature packed SaaS platform with over 3000 members that grossed the company over $5 million annually.

Features designed and implemented by Olsen Consultants

  • Security - Nearly all of the Media Center clients are banks or other financial institutions that require intense security. Security measures include: SAS 70 certified data storage, PCI DSS compliant, encrypted data transmissions from clients with SFTP using SSH2, and secure one way hashed data using MD5 encryption.
  • Custom Email Platform - A powerful email engine that delivered millions of customized and themed emails per week utilizing advanced logic to monitor the flow of emails and ensure high deliverability and open rates.
  • Industry Leading CRM - An intuitive UI resulted in tremendous user adoption rates for this powerful custom built CRM. Automated delivery of email campaigns, printed materials and gifts with flexible thresholds so users could keep complete control over their marketing. Detailed drill down reporting gave the users insight into the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.
  • Themed Interfaces and Products - A flexible theming system enabled client companies to control the appearance of every aspect of the system, from the web interface for their users and customers to the emails, newsletters and postcards that were sent each week. The system was created to include the complex compliance guidelines for the financial and mortgage industries and every marketing piece generated by the system was guaranteed compliant.
  • Feature Packed Admin Console - A small full time staff of only 11 employees can manage the fulfillment of products, customer support, system management, data manipulation and billing for over 3000 users due to the strength and automated nature of the powerful back end.

  • Client:Media Center, LLC
  • Date:August 2008

I really don't think we could have accomplished this with anyone else.
                               -Dan H.

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